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It's All About the Journey

Born and raised in Brooklyn, I began my professional career in May 1995. I had just received my Master of Fine Arts from the Tisch School of the Arts and I was ready to fulfill my dream: To become the next Byron Jennings! Don’t ask. I immediately booked a lucrative commercial and in early 1997, decided to use my Downey fabric softener residual money to “visit” Los Angeles. By March of 1998, I was on a hit television show that kept me working in Hollywood for nine years. Not bad, eh? I knew hard work would get me places, but damn!

My career is wonderful. Kathy Bates directed me in my first television gig. My first film scene was with Robert De Niro. And just the other day, Beyonce asked me to marry her! Alright, the Beyonce thing never really happened, but as I’ve already proven, anything’s possible. I love the life of an actor and I intend to be around for a long time. Like Byron Jennings!

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